Donde Voy



song by Chyi Yu;

All Alone I Have Started My Journey
To The Darkness Of Darkness I Go
With A Reason,I Stopped For A Moment
IN This World Full Of Pleasure So Frail
Town After Town On I Travel
Pass Through Faces I Know And Know Not
Like A Bird In Flight,Sometimes I Topple
Time And Time Again,Just Farewells
Donde Voy,Donde Voy
Day By Day,My Story Unfolds
Solo Estoy,Solo Estoy
All Alone As The Day I Was Born
Till Your Eyes Rest In Mine,I Shall Wander
No More Darkness I Know And Know Not
For Your Sweetness I Traded My Freedom
Not Knowing A Farewell Awaits
You Know,Heaers Can Be Repeatedly Broken
Making Room For The Harrows To Come
Along With My Sorrows I Buried
My Tears,My Smiles,Your Name
Donde Voy,Donde Voy
Songs Of Lovetales I Sing Of No More
Solo Estoy,Solo Estoy
Once Again with My Shadows I Roam
Donde Voy,Donde Voy
All Alone As The Day I Was Born
Solo Estoy,Solo Estoy
Still Alone with My Shadows I Roam

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